Common traits among employees who have high job satisfaction

Most companies take a temperature check at least once a year to determine the level of engagement of their employees. Despite the industries measured, common traits among employees who have high job satisfaction can be clearly identified.

People who enjoy a high level of job satisfaction in whatever position they hold all seem to have some common personality traits that enable them to thrive.

Employee Satisfaction

People who possess the following personality traits seem to consistently enjoy high job satisfaction in whatever they do:

Passionate about work

Those employees who display a high job satisfaction are passionate about their work, their work and life purpose seem to be perfectly aligned, they view their work as an opportunity to fulfill their mission in life-these individuals are generally internally motivated and highly creative.

Sense of fairness

People who give a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay are apt to be more satisfied. They generally know how to approach bosses to ask for raises based on what they are contributing to the company, as opposed to basing their request on personal need, and therefore are more apt to enjoy earnings aligned with their value. People with a sense of fairness are just as concerned that the others get what is due them as they are for themselves. They are apt to share credit for a job well done with teammates and display a generous spirit with everyone.

Calm demeanor

Persons who are not easily stressed often enjoy high levels of job satisfaction for they work well under pressure and stay calm enough to think with clarity and problem solve when necessary. Their calm demeanor makes them pleasant to be around for both coworkers and superiors.

Relationship with their immediate supervisor

The relationship between managers and employees who have high job satisfaction is one of mutual respect, he creates an environment that allows the employee flexibility autonomy and an opportunity to engage in meaningful work.

Try and steer clear of any and all negativity

If you get caught up in the water cooler banter that is counter-productive, you may resent your time at work and begin making excuses to avoid the place, or neglect your duties altogether. Staying motivated and positive is crucial.

Work ethic

People who enjoy a high level of job satisfaction generally have a strong work ethic. They are conscientious about getting to work on time, doing a good job and treating everyone with respect. They live by the motto, “Do unto others . . . ,” and as a result are treated with the same respect in return.

Opportunity to display their skills

Nothing excites an employee more than being able demonstrate their competency and display their skills, a large part of their job satisfaction comes from being able to apply their skills at work to solve problems, refine production processes. Creating an environment for them to max out their tool box encourages them to pursue additional developmental tools and stimulates creativity

Employees with high job satisfaction require little management, micromanagement is insulting and decreases motivation. A coaching and leadership approach works best with employees with high job satisfaction; diagram a play together, discuss the parameters then move out of their way and allow them to execute.

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